Jaxwalk Coming Through Mulberry

Starting March 14, 2024, Jack Huffman (Jaxwalk) will set off from Dana Strands, California on foot on a 3,000 mile journey across the country to Washington D.C. for a world record attempt. Mulberry Grove will be 1 of 143 communities he will be traveling through on his trip. The run is to support veterans through The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund.

Huffman will be streaming live GPS tracking through his Jaxwalk Facebook page, highlighting the towns and cities he passes through. As part of a purple heart initiative, Huffman is asking communities to leave a purple porch light on and perhaps a purple ribbon in their yard as a show of unity in America, leaving the porch lights on for veterans and active duty military as we wait for them to come home.

On his journey, Huffman will be carrying 150 pounds of gear and crossing through 13 states. He will have to average 55 miles a day in order to beat the current world record for a solo transcontinental walk. This will be his third crossing of America.